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The ankle is an intricate machine that allows for flexibility, stability and power delivery. Injuries to the ankle can cause ongoing pain and instability, both immediately and over the long term. Many patients will respond well to conservative measures such as medications, physiotherapy, splinting braces, injections, and allowing the natural recovery process to occur. When these measures fail or are not adequate, then surgery may be appropriate.

Dr Won is fellowship-trained in the orthopaedic subspecialty of foot and ankle surgery. He regularly performs the following ankle surgeries:

Arthroscopy of the ankle joint, subtalar joint, hindfoot, and Achilles tendonoscopy

Dr Won performs keyhole surgery of the ankle joint for the removal of synovitis, loose bodies, osteochondral lesions and defects, and trimming of bone spurs. Recent advancement in instrumentation and technique has allowed for lateral ligaments stabilisation to be done via keyhole surgery also.

Other sites around the side and back of the ankle and the Achilles tendon sheath can also be accessed with smaller sized instruments to remove synovitis, painful scar tissue and bone spurs.

Ankle stabilisation

When patients develop chronic ankle instability despite optimal rehabilitation, then the damaged, overstretched and incompetent ligaments are “pulled up” back onto the fibula. Keyhole techniques are available for stabilisation of both lateral ligament and ankle syndesmosis. In revision settings, Dr Won can sometimes utilise tendon graft or transfers, or synthetic ligament augments.

Ankle replacement and fusion

End-stage ankle arthritis is treated by removal of the painful section and, where it is possible to retain motion, an ankle replacement implant is recommended. However, when this is not a suitable option, patients can be treated with fusion of the ankle. Dr Won offers both and will be happy to discuss the most suitable option.

Achilles tendon repair, including minimally-invasive repair techniques

Rupture of the Achilles tendon can be repaired to allow for a more predictable restoration of strength and joint function. By using specialised instrumentation, the repair can connect the healthy section (well away from the damaged area) directly to the heel bone through very small incisions.

Trauma surgery

Dr Won treats acute ankle trauma like ankle fractures and tibial plafond (pilon) injuries with a range of techniques from plaster, to internal fixation, to external frames. He also helps patients with non-unions and mal-unions with revision fixation and bone graft procedures.