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Information for GPs

I am happy for GP colleagues to phone me with brief questions during consultation hours. Alternatively, if your question does not need an answer straight away, you may wish to email me instead. Click here for contact details.

  • Referral formsOpen or Close

    Please use the following forms when referring patients with these conditions, as it helps me to determine the urgency of your patient’s condition and may also serve as a useful checklist.

    Referral pathway – Plantar fasciitis & heel spur

    Referral pathway – Mortons neuroma

    Referral pathway – Ankle sprain

    Referral pathway – Achilles tendonitis

  • Imaging GuidelinesOpen or Close

    Foot – When taking x-rays of the foot, it is helpful to ask for weight-bearing views.

    If you do a foot x-ray, also do an ankle x-ray – and vice versa

    Knee – If you suspect a meniscal tear or ligamentous injury, it is worth requesting an MRI prior to seeing orthopaedic specialist. If you are unsure which investigation to order, please send me your referral and clinical details so that I can advise you on the appropriate investigation.

    Remember the referred knee pain from the hip.

  • ReferralsOpen or Close

    If your patient needs an urgent appointment, please provide me with a referral letter detailing the reasons for urgency.

    Patients with heel pain may benefit from seeing a podiatrist or a physiotherapist prior to seeing me. In many cases, the combination of rest, time, and using shoe orthotics, allows the pain to completely resolve over 3-6 months and a specialist review may not be necessary.

    Patients with severe ankle sprains with persistent symptoms beyond 2 months, and fail non-surgical treatments such as physiotherapy, may also benefit from further MRI work-up prior to seeing a specialist.

  • Advice to patientsOpen or Close

    It is always easier to change the environment around the foot (such as shoes, splints and orthotics) than structure of the foot, therefore consider podiatrist and orthotist in your first line management.

    Foot surgery can take a long time to heal, sometimes 6 months or more before the pain settles to pre-operative state and function is fully re-gained. When done for the right patient, surgery is extremely worthwhile – but usually only after all other options are exhausted.

    Other things to consider prior to surgery include driving requirements, home modifications, etc – see “Info or Patients” section. The difference between podiatrist and foot surgeon – see “FAQs” section.

  • Medical grade footwear for patientsOpen or Close

    (Disclaimer: nil commercial interest)

    Medicare foot wear, braces, boots:

    Medical Accessories of Australia (West Burleigh, QLD – Ph: 07 5508 2730)

    Orthocare (Andrews, QLD – Ph: 07 5520 3666 or 1800 226 445)


    Comfort & Fit (Burleigh Heads, QLD – Ph: 07 5576 7802)

    Gold Coast Orthotics (Molendinar, QLD – Ph: 07 5597 5222)

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